April 14, 2009

Exercise Device for the Crew Exploration Vehicle

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TSGC Design Challenge

About us:

All members of Team Five are enrolled in BMEN 453-502, Analysis and Design Project at Texas A&M University.  The course involves a group biomedical engineering analysis and design project.  Students participate in the problem identification, solution development, design formulation, as well as system testing and analysis of a biomedical device.


To facilitate communication with both the Texas Space Grant Consortium and the Faculty Advisor at Texas A&M University, the team name of Team Five was chosen.  The name Team Five was assigned by Dr. Charles S. Lessard, the faculty advisor of Team Five, and the name was selected for further use to provide consistency.  Moreover, the name Team Five is a reflection of the Texas A&M Tradition of the 12th Man, but is applied to a four member team.