April 14, 2009

Exercise Device for the Crew Exploration Vehicle

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TSGC Design Challenge

Design Methodology

In order to achieve the Technical Objectives, the project was divided into four major design categories.


 Resistance Design: Identification of the most efficient means of producing sufficient resistance in a zero gravity environment.

 Return Mechanism: A mechanism to return the device to its starting position and provide an eccentric exercise component.

 Architecture: Providing maximal degrees of freedom through the development of an adjustable system of minimal volume and mass.

 Force Monitoring: The development of a mechanism to measure the force exerted by the crew member for each muscle group targeted.


Dividing the project into these categories allowed for a systematic approach to developing a solution. Design work on the architecture of the device was able to be completed at the same time that the resistance mechanism design was being developed. The force monitoring system is dependent on both the resistance mechanism and the architecture design. Therefore, design of the force monitoring system has been tasked after the initial prototype and testing stage.