April 14, 2009

Exercise Device for the Crew Exploration Vehicle

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TSGC Design Challenge

Project objectives:

The objectives for Semester II are the following:

 Finalize the architecture design

 Optimize mass and volume requirements

 Incorporate retraction mechanism

 Select parts and materials for prototyping

 Construct a scaled prototype of the exercise device

 Test the device for resistance, user ease, and reliability

 Present prototype and findings to the TSGC, NASA, and Texas A&M University

Technical objectives:

The technical objectives of the exercise device for the CEV are to:

 Provide sufficient resistance in a zero gravity environment

 Facilitate exercise of the major muscle groups

 Meet volume and mass requirements of the Crew Exploration Vehicle

 Provide both concentric and eccentric exercise

 Provide resistance with a near linear force profile

 Measure the force exerted to provided for monitoring of muscle strength